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Reading: Interclausal NEG raising and the scope of negation


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Interclausal NEG raising and the scope of negation


Chris Collins ,

New York University, 10 Washington Place, 10003 New York, NY, US
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Paul M. Postal

New York University, 226D Heritage Hills, 10589 Somers, NY, US
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In this paper, we show that the syntactic analysis of one major type of NEG raising in Collins & Postal (2014) is inconsistent with the facts of negation scope revealed by Klima (1964) type tests for sentential negation. Two of the four original Klima tests plus three additional ones are discussed. We propose a novel alternative syntactic analysis, one also involving NEG raising, that is consistent with the relevant tests, as well as with all the principles of NEG raising and NEG deletion proposed in Collins & Postal (2014). We suggest, further, that the newer analysis permits a more uniform overall conception of the various cases of NEG Raising.

How to Cite: Collins, C., & Postal, P. M. (2017). Interclausal NEG raising and the scope of negation. Glossa: A Journal of General Linguistics, 2(1), 29. DOI:
Published on 13 Apr 2017.
Peer Reviewed


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