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Clitic climbing and restructuring in the history of French

Marc Olivier, Christina Sevdali and Raffaella Folli

2023-10-16 2023 • Volume 8

Continuity, Co-reference, and Inference in Visual Sequencing

Bien Klomberg, Irmak Hacımusaoğlu, Lenneke Doris Lichtenberg, Joost Schilperoord and Neil Cohn

2023-09-27 2023 • Volume 8

Prosodic realization and interpretation of English imperatives

Elise McClay, Megan Keough, Molly Babel and Lisa Matthewson

2023-09-27 2023 • Volume 8

What do corpus data reveal about anaphora resolution? Spanish vs. Greek and the Type of Topic Hypothesis

Cristóbal Lozano, Teresa Quesada, Despina Papadopoulou and Andreas Charatzidis

2023-08-08 2023 • Volume 8

When acquisition and aphasia converge: the case of copula omission

Valentina Brunetto, Charlotte Kershaw and Maria Garraffa

2023-07-20 2023 • Volume 8

Discourse anaphoricity vs. perspective sensitivity in emoji semantics

Patrick Georg Grosz, Elsi Kaiser and Francesco Pierini

2023-07-08 2023 • Volume 8