2024 • Volume 9

Research Article

The perception of vowelless words in Tashlhiyt

Georgia Zellou, Mohamed Lahrouchi and Karim Bensoukas

2024-01-10 2024 • Volume 9

Standard concessives are inherently focused: evidence from Serbian

Aleksandra Milosavljević and Stefan Milosavljević

2024-02-02 2024 • Volume 9

The commitment of rhetorical questions

Virginia Hill and Shigeru Miyagawa

2024-02-02 2024 • Volume 9

The organization of verb meaning in Lengua de Señas Nicaragüense (LSN): Sequential or simultaneous structures?

Diane Brentari, Susan Goldin-Meadow, Laura Horton, Ann Senghas and Marie Coppola

2024-02-09 2024 • Volume 9

On [V] on v

Negin Ilkhanipour

2024-03-04 2024 • Volume 9

Towards a unified account of na in Akan

Galia Hatav and James Essegbey

2024-03-15 2024 • Volume 9

Complexity, frequency, and acceptability

Ken Ramshøj Christensen and Anne Mette Nyvad

2024-03-29 2024 • Volume 9

Prosodically determined coordinator placement in Yorùbá

Daniel Toluwalope Aremu and Philipp Weisser

2024-04-19 2024 • Volume 9

Ẹnà: An iterative affixation game in Yorùbá

Avery Ozburn, Samuel Kayode Akinbo and Murray Schellenberg

2024-04-19 2024 • Volume 9

Special Collection: Multivaluation in agreement

Special Collection: Thematic formatives and linguistic theory

Special Collection: The syntax of argument structure alternations across frameworks

Special Collection: Change of state expressions