French missing object constructions

Gabrielle Aguila-Multner and Berthold Crysmann

2022-03-15 2022 • Volume 7

The acquisition of adverbs in child L3 French in Canada

Mihaela Pirvulescu, Virginia Hill, Nadia Nacif, Rena Helms-Park and Maria Petrescu

2022-03-15 2022 • Volume 7

Adding the microdimension to the study of language change in contact. Three case studies

Luigi Andriani, Roberta D'Alessandro, Alberto Frasson, Brechje van Osch, Luana Sorgini and Silvia Terenghi

2022-03-04 2022 • Volume 7

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Collection: GLOWing Papers 2020

Affrication as the cause of /s/-retraction: Evidence from Manchester English

George Bailey, Stephen Nichols, Danielle Turton and Maciej Baranowski

2022-03-04 2022 • Volume 7