2022 • Volume 7

DOI: https://doi.org/10.16995/glossa.issue.829


Special Collection: Definiteness and referentiality

Indexed definiteness

Peter Jenks and Rassidatou Konate

2022-07-22 2022 • Volume 7

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Collection: Definiteness and referentiality

Special Collection: GLOWing Papers 2020

Adding the microdimension to the study of language change in contact. Three case studies

Luigi Andriani, Roberta D'Alessandro, Alberto Frasson, Brechje van Osch, Luana Sorgini and Silvia Terenghi

2022-03-04 2022 • Volume 7

Also a part of:

Collection: GLOWing Papers 2020

Special collection: Meaning-driven selectional restrictions in the domain of clause embedding

Special Collection: New perspectives on the NP/ DP debate

Special Collection: Non-Conservativity with Precise Proportions

Special Collection: The Grammar of Agree(ment) and Reference