2022 • Volume 7

DOI: https://doi.org/10.16995/glossa.issue.829

Research Article

Certainly but not certain: The expression of subjective and objective probability

Kazuko Yatsushiro, Tue Trinh, Marzena Żygis, Stephanie Solt, Anton Benz and Manfred Krifka

2022-08-19 2022 • Volume 7

Frequency and morphological complexity in variation

Ruaridh Purse, Josef Fruehwald and Meredith Tamminga

2022-09-29 2022 • Volume 7

On the feature (in)deficiency of dedicated impersonal pronouns: the view from Jordanian Arabic

Mohammad Ali Alhailawani, Waleed Ahmad Othman and Osama Abdel-Rahman Abdel-Ghafer

2022-12-15 2022 • Volume 7

The Bantu-Salish connection in determiner semantics

Joash Johannes Gambarage and Lisa Matthewson

2022-12-15 2022 • Volume 7

The verbal structure in English synthetic compounds

Gianina Iordăchioaia and Artemis Alexiadou

2022-12-28 2022 • Volume 7

Adjunct islands are configurational

Dmitry Konstantinovich Privoznov

2022-12-31 2022 • Volume 7

Special Collection: Speaker, Addressee, and Social Relation

Special Collection: GLOWing papers 2021

The clitic string as a Pair Merge sequence

Maria Rita Manzini and Diego Pescarini

2022-11-09 GLOWing Papers 2021

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Issue: 2022 • Volume 7

Special Collection: Thematic formatives and linguistic theory

Review Article

Overview article

Directionality in cross-categorial derivations

Laura Grestenberger and Itamar Kastner

2022-08-03 2022 • Volume 7