2023 • Volume 8

Research Article

Unlocking the verbal spine in Malayalam: Past tense is key

Gayathri G. Krishnan and Vaijayanthi M. Sarma

2023-01-04 2023 • Volume 8

Production benefits recall of novel words with frequent, but not infrequent sound patterns

Belén López Assef, Stephanie Strahm, Keara Boyce, Mike Page and Tania Zamuner

2023-01-06 2023 • Volume 8

Regular and polyregular theories of reduplication

Jonathan Rawski, Hossep Dolatian, Jeffrey Heinz and Eric Raimy

2023-01-06 2023 • Volume 8


Special Collection: Definiteness and referentiality

Special Collection: Non-Conservativity with Precise Proportions

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