2022 • Volume 7

Research Article

Affrication as the cause of /s/-retraction: Evidence from Manchester English

George Bailey, Stephen Nichols, Danielle Turton and Maciej Baranowski

2022-03-04 2022 • Volume 7

French missing object constructions

Gabrielle Aguila-Multner and Berthold Crysmann

2022-03-15 2022 • Volume 7

The acquisition of adverbs in child L3 French in Canada

Mihaela Pirvulescu, Virginia Hill, Nadia Nacif, Rena Helms-Park and Maria Petrescu

2022-03-15 2022 • Volume 7

Children’s comprehension of NP embedding

Erin Hall and Ana T. Pérez-Leroux

2022-05-05 2022 • Volume 7

The at-issue status of ideophones in German: An experimental approach

Kathryn Rose Barnes, Cornelia Ebert, Robin Hörnig and Theresa Stender

2022-05-24 2022 • Volume 7

Expletiveness in grammar and beyond

Evripidis Tsiakmakis and M. Teresa Espinal

2022-05-31 2022 • Volume 7

How can a language have double-passives but lack antipassives?

Furkan Dikmen, Ömer Demirok and Balkiz Öztürk

2022-05-31 2022 • Volume 7

Phrase-level and edge marking in Drehu

Catalina Torres and Janet Fletcher

2022-06-07 2022 • Volume 7

When the present lies in the past: [Present under Past] in subjunctive clauses in Uruguayan Spanish

Saveria Colonna, Brenda Laca, Leticia López and Eduardo Correa Soares

2022-06-17 2022 • Volume 7

Object mass nouns and subkind countability

Kurt Erbach and Aviv Schoenfeld

2022-06-17 2022 • Volume 7

Future time reference and viewpoint aspect: Evidence from Gitksan

Lisa Matthewson, Neda Todorovic and Michael David Schwan

2022-06-17 2022 • Volume 7

Special Collection: GLOWing papers 2021

Review Article


Special Collection: Definiteness and referentiality

Special Collection: GLOWing Papers 2020

Adding the microdimension to the study of language change in contact. Three case studies

Luigi Andriani, Roberta D'Alessandro, Alberto Frasson, Brechje van Osch, Luana Sorgini and Silvia Terenghi

2022-03-04 2022 • Volume 7

Also a part of:

Collection: GLOWing Papers 2020

Special collection: Meaning-driven selectional restrictions in the domain of clause embedding